My notes are better than Yours: The Student Guide to Expert Note Taking.

Unfortunately, taking note is an element of student life that you just can’t avoid-if you want to go, that is …

But how effectively are we taking notes?

However, the study also states that students \””cannot record 40% of important points in a typical lecture, with an average of only 11% recorded on average.\”” Yikes!To help, I looked at the most effective tips, helping to improve our note by taking the skills, and then our estimates. Now, of course, we’re all pretty people, and saying that, it follows that the same note, taking the method.

Training for employment is often key to the success of students. Typically, preparing for a class is to perform the assigned read. If you can, writing notes while reading will help you remember the key points and provide background information for your lecture …

During the high school, I was warned that I was recording everything that my professor had said during the lecture; however, during my first few sessions, I noticed that many students were doing it.

As the professor began to speak, the race began, and the students creaked at each other, including everything from the date of the agricultural revolution and the story of his dog …

Now, as long as you have a transcript of the lecture, (if you can do this), it becomes difficult for the students to select the key points for the study at a later time ..

It would be impossible to remember every detail-instead get an idea of the main and important facts ..

Follow your instructor and use abbreviations or symbols to help keep up. For example, use the arrows to specify an increase or decrease and initialize names. If you fall behind, leave the space to fill the gaps later and write a question next to the concepts that you need to clarify or return to

later.Focus on key messages such as key events, people, formulas, or theories. We draw special attention to your professor’s body language, verbal inflammation, or opening words to help you decipher what information is important. Instructors often jump out such comments: \””This is an important concept,\”” or \””Make sure you understand it.\”” This indicates that the most likely theme will be found in the test or test ..

In these cases you will get your highlights ..

Congratulations, you made it through the classroom, and now what? Many of us have left the class and don’t look at our records again before the exam. After the class has taken the time to reorganize the notes, fill in the blanks and view the material. This will help you avoid the krama before the exam …

Using the same format, colors, and abbreviations will keep your notes accurate, simple, and oh-ideal for study ..

Put the money in your future! How many times do we tell ourselves, \””I’ll remember that,\”” don’t you? Write small notes for yourself in the fields to help you remember the smaller details or point materials that will be mentioned by your instructor at the exam …

Whether it’s a notebook or a sub, keep your notes in one place. One note on the laptop, the other in your arsonist, and one package at the bottom of your backpack is a recipe for disaster …

Although this may not work for everyone,

\”” Those who took notes in the long-term and could study did much better than any of the other students in the experiment-the better even the typist of the fleet, which, in the main, delivered lectures. That is, they generally accepted fewer notes with less verbatim records, but nevertheless they did better both in terms of actual training and conceptual training. \””

Now I am not saying that handwritten notes are the best option for everyone, but this is what needs to be considered if it is difficult for you to send information from the lecture notes on your laptop ..

Even if you’re confused, you’re falling behind, or just feeling a little lazy that day, you give yourself up and you keep writing. These notes will be extremely useful for you in the future …

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